Shame on you, ‘Prophet’!

I can’t explain how angry I was (I still am) as I listened to Tilder Live, with Tilder having in the studio, ‘Prophet’ Mapfumo and his rape victims. The bible clearly tells us not use the name of the Lord in vain yet some grown man uses the name of God to satisfy his sexual needs in the disguise of healing.


I listened carefully as the first victim narrated her ordeal. Apparently, ‘Prophet’ Mapfumo of By Grace ministries, during his one-on-one sessions, ‘saw’ that this lady had a problem with her stomach, and in order for him too heal he, she had to remove her clothes.

Sensing resistance, the man asked why people had faith in doctors, where they would remove their clothes without resistance yet they resisted removing their clothes for the ‘Man of God.’

“Because I had so much faith in the man of God, I told him I believed in him for healing and I stripped my clothes where he raped me thereafter,” she said.

Now, when people speak ill of the prophets of today, the congregants curse those who would have said out their mind. But after hearing this story, would one be justified to persecute those who do not believe in the prophets of today? And then we begin to question all those one-on-one sessions in the ‘prayer rooms’, are the rooms used for prayer only? One tends to wonder.

Maybe there are true prophets, who have been truly called to serve, but it is people like these who make us doubt the authenticity of their works. Well, don’t throw stones at me for speaking out my mind.

A grown man, with a wife and children at home (who were listening to the show), doing such a shameful thing and publicly accepting his crime and blaming it on temptation. Man, we are all tempted on a daily basis, but there’s something called self control, which you clearly don’t have which is a necessity in the field you had chosen.

The saddening thing is you have tarnished the name of prophets, you have humiliated your congregants who had so much faith in you and most of all you have disgraced your family. It’s such a shame beginning the year with the awakening that your father who’s a ‘prophet’, impregnated a young desperate woman, (could have raped more, we are not sure) and asked for sexual favors in the name of healing to a number of female congregants. In situations like these, the bold would have spoken out and more could be afraid to speak out for fear of breaking their homes and labeling in society.

It’s so unfortunate that there are people out there who are taking advantage of people in desperate situations. I know most people would be laying all the blame on the woman for being so naive. Sometimes we give in to such crap because we are desperate to get out of a lot of situations. Society expects a lot from us, and we end up acting without thinking twice, because someone has used the name of God.

I applaud the ladies for speaking out and reporting the matter to the police. ‘Prophet’ Mapfumo, I hope you get a stiff sentence, for taking advantage of desperate women and mostly for using the name of God in vain. I hope a number of church leaders who could be thinking of doing the same learn from you.


2 thoughts on “Shame on you, ‘Prophet’!

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  2. Ivy my sister,the story of this so called prophet who is abusive is a shame for real.I have a big challenge on ministries because most of them have no board of elders to continually give advise to the so called prophet in case of deviations from the principles of the cloth.In a properly constituted church(this is not to say in a properly constituted church all is well)the margin of error is manageable. This is just a tip of the ice bag…in the operations of most of the so called prophets..If we go deeper with these stories,we might realise that the source of power for the so called prophet is not from above.Huu Mweya Mutsene,,the Holly Spirit indulging in these shameful acts.Who confirmed these so called prophets as true prophets of God…remember Jesus was confirmed by God the day he was baptised by John..Many and numerous as they are today..each of them what is their line of calling….If you check in the Bible all the True prophets of God had a specific line of call different from the other..God does not duplicate his efforts…I challenge the girl child to move away from this sick attitude of blowing with the wind….Hee kwamuka muporofita ..they all sorts of directions.While I sympathise with the girl child who is a burden bearer at household level,but I say kwaedza my sisters,mukai do not allow these wolves to abuse you under the guise of doing the work of God .My sister this era of EVERY ONE IS A PROPHET IS DANGERROUS…and things were never like that from the beginning.


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