He messes up, it’s a ladies’ war

Of all the violence that happens among us as human beings, domestic violence is the most talked about, the violence that is most advocated against and the violence that we are all afraid to be victims of. It is traumatic, and although women are mostly the victims of it, men are victims too and many campaigns have been done against it but I feel there is one type of violence that we have all ignored, but if investigated into, I bet in terms of statistics, it is just after domestic violence. This violence is between us women.


In most scenarios, when women fight, it is usually about men, not only fighting for our lovers but even for attention from our brothers and sons. So many strained relationships between mothers and daughters-in-law, as well as sisters-in-law. Many times, the issue is about money, it’s either the mothers and sisters-in-law feel their son is leaving them out since he married, or the husband or boyfriend is cheating in which we come out guns blazing to fight each other.

Just this past week, the most talked about issue was that of the incident between the first lady Grace Mugabe and Gabriella Engels whom she attacked after finding her in her sons’ room in Sandton. There have been many points raised by the social media jury on the issue, the dominant being how could the first lady do that, shaming the country, and for others they were celebrating with the thought that this was her downfall. It’s sad that nothing has been talked about how women attack each other in some circumstances that are mainly caused by men.

Well Robert Jnr and Chatunga are two grown men, who knew what they were doing when they invited the ladies to their room. Yes, she was frustrated as a mother, but attacking the lady was not really the solution. Am pretty sure if it had been a man who had attacked Gabriella the way the first lady did, there would be screams of how women are victims of the males in most situations. Unfortunately, we are not just victims of men, but of women too.

My point is when we fight as women, usually the main cause is men. It’s sad that the women’s organisations have been silent about this issue. The fact however is, if we are to advocate for gender equality, we have to stand up not only when a woman is attacked by a man, but when a woman is also attacked by a fellow woman.

Men will make us hate each other, and when we fight, they are proud that women are fighting for them. I don’t think it’s worth it. As a woman, instead of dating a married man knowingly, why not move to a single guy to avoid conflict. As in-laws, instead of back chatting, why not speak out where there is a problem and resolve issues. No matter how much you do not like your daughter or sister-in-law, so long your brother or son loves him, the ideal thing to do is to accept and appreciate what has been brought in your home.

Some will end up in hospitals with scars that will never fade after fighting with another woman over a man. Some will also end up in prison after attacking girls you find with your son, not all of us are ‘above the law’. Bottom line is, if we are ever to make it as women, if ever we want the men to believe in us, we have to show a united front, and desist from attacking each other. Sometimes we fight against each other and the man will leave us both, what would we have gained?

May we desist from fighting against each other and focus on achieving our goals. Let’s not be our own enemies.


2 thoughts on “He messes up, it’s a ladies’ war

  1. Ivy the peace keeper

    Once again you have knocked on the sensitive nerve when it comes to the reason why women fight. Even Mama Grace fought because of her boys to free them from the swallowing legs of girls from South. The fact is she was right it’s only a question of over reacting in exercising justice. The issue here is Bob Jnr and Chatunga should publicly apologise to their father, to their mother, Gabriela and the hotel staff they are the root cause of all the fracas. We expect the boys to do that at one of the youth rallies. Put yourself in Dr. Grace shoes, you buy a house, pay fees and appoint security guards for your boys only to find girls booked in hotel spending your hard earned bond notes . It pains to be told the boys spend more time with girls in clubs than in college. A grant of immunity was timely because a criminal case has turned into political and avenging spirit to be executed by Afriforum an apatheid babarus group.

    Where was this group when a security guard was injured in the past Mugabe boys fracas? Cars and properties were smashed but they were quiet. Where was this group when Mugabe boys abused their girls in hotels and fights at night clubs? Mama Grace was right beat the sheet out of the girls and kick the boys out of school bring them home for home schooling. What else other than to apply for immunity to come back home safe. However Amai havatsiurwe nevana we will talk to an uncle her brother to descipline Dr. Amai that next time don’t judge and execute pa mwana we pa next door , talk to her mother let her mother take measures of Descipline.


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