About Ms. Resolute

Iivy am Ivy Nyasha Vimbai Chibanda, a young lady who holds a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Media and society studies.

Resolute is the word that best describes me, I don’t sway easily. I believe in myself and I am a feminist. A feminist who doesn’t hate men, but a feminist who believes in equal opportunities for women in all aspects of life.

My blog is about my experiences, the things that affect me the most and things that happen around me. I love writing and everything i write comes from the heart.

My inspiration comes from Tsitsi Dangarembga and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

As Tsitsi Dangarembga put it, “I don’t believe that just because i am a woman, I must sacrifice my potential to some man.”

I will make sure I make great use of my potential to benefit a lot of people.

Enjoy your reading!!!!


3 thoughts on “About Ms. Resolute

  1. Ehhh Nyasha …I really just been in a good sweet lovely mode, thanks for your publication….I had read it through out and I can say that you are a blessed child of God. And I will please like to see that video of that prophet that walks on Air…God bless you


  2. I enjoy reading your articles they really make us think. I would like to hear your views on the latest Chinhoyi snake. The story maybe true but the snake cargo on the truck is bogus. Zodwa’s grooming is over let’s talk about our own money roller.


  3. the power of women.

    Dating back to the bible drama of Adam and Eve, I come to a conclusion that women are powerful. Just imagine Adam was relaxing somewhere and then Eve appears with a fruit in hand half eaten. Says ” Addy do you really love me” Addy had no time to think he said ” absolutely , I do, ” because of his unconditional love Adam was floored by a woman.

    Samson was an undisputed Monya who had the power to uproot city gates and threw it about 40 km away. But was floored by a woman. Remember Jezebel cooked some accusation to take over a field then, the husband was floored by a woman. Let’s talk about today’s experiences. You remember the world heavyweight champion who had the power to knock out other monyas in 90 seconds but was floored by a woman.

    Margret Thatcher was an Iron Lady, some activists threatened to go on a hunger strike thinking she will succumb to the pressure, sadly some died surely, they were floored by a woman. In Zimbabwe women are the most powerful the likes of Mandi Chimene who stood akimbo denouncing a senior government and party official not only once but twice she still presides the manicaland province.

    A few days ago an untouchable spokeman was literally undressed if not embarrassed in public by a woman. He had no power to defend himself , he was floored by a woman. Matemadanda once suggested the succionist hot topic he missed Chikurubi door by a whisker though still pending, but Amai uttered the same words and the whole nation was dead silent. The power of a woman.

    You could be an executive or a brigadier in the army , you are just a husband at home floored by a woman. Even the commander in chief is just a husband at home. How long shall man be under the power of women? No jokes we all say to our relatives in our family dialogues” regai ndinzwe kuti Amai vanotii “. Lets fight the war to liberate ourselves from the power of women, however we cannot do without them. Musha Mukadzi is an unchangeable clause in the household constition and will never be amended. What else can we say kusina amai hakuendwe . Yes my father was floored by a woman I call mother, my brother was floored by a woman I call maiguru, even my grandfather was floor by a woman I call ambuya.

    I can’t run away and be a fugitive, neither could I protest against ther rule nor propose an emendement , never, I remain subdued under the power of a woman I call my wife.


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