When the Protector becomes the Perpetrator

For the first time in four years, I was afraid to admit that I studied Media, because I didn’t know what would have happened if I had done so. Would they abduct me, would they lock me up in the cells or would they beat me up and leave me with permanent scars that would make me warn my fellow colleagues that the Africa Unity Square is the most dangerous place to be if you are a journalist.

This was the day that Sten Zvorwadza was brutally attacked for protesting, I was at the other end of town, just opposite the parliament, waiting for the protestors to get to the parliament. Upon arrival at the Africa Unity square, I could see that the police had already prepared themselves to attack the protestors once they got anywhere near the parliament. They were in three small groups with their water cannons and small cans (that I assumed had tear gas) attached to their trousers. Continue reading


Know Who To Blame

Curses, clicking of the tongue, shouting of vulgar words and all that sort of stuff becomes normal as the days go by. The other is complaining about electricity power cuts, the other about the postponed pay days, the next about erratic water supply while the other curses the driver who has just splashed muddy water on their clean clothes. My question therefore is are we cursing at the right person or do we even know who to blame? Continue reading

Abusive Boyfriends Beget Abusive Husbands

It’s around 7pm and I am walking with my friend to the nearby campus, I hear a girl crying and I look ahead, there she is, screaming and crying, the guy is pulling her and trying to calm her. I try to ignore but guilt hits me, I am a woman, I should help my fellow woman. We gang up with my two other friends and decide to go assist the lady (with fear of being slapped by the guy), we manage to take the girl and one of my friend shouts to the guy who seems not to care, “You are going to defer, no one hits another at this campus.” Continue reading

Disability is Socially Constructed

In our everyday lives we discriminate one person or the other, maybe because of their financial status, status quo, tribe, nationality but most of all because of their impairment which we believe is disability. Impairment and disability are different in that impairment may be inborn and disability comes as a result of impairment.

In most cases, people have been made to believe that just because a person has a difficulty in walking, they cannot do as much as the next person who can ‘properly’ walk yet the difficulty may just be a minor setback which when given a chance can do much more or better than what the next person can do. Continue reading

Blurred Pictures In My Head

I used to have a clear picture of my future, of what I wanted to be and who I was going to become. I would finish my high school, graduate with an Honors degree, get employed and complete my masters so that I would live a great life. A life I would have achieved from sweating at school. Unfortunately, a day like today, a day in which I Say I graduate next year, I do not have the same pictures anymore, they have become blurred.images Continue reading

Blame not the Vendor

I am not as thrilled to go to the city centre nowadays, I have to think twice. I have to try and map my way before I get there because there’s a lot of congestion in town, both from the cars and the people. The pavements have narrowed because most people have found a free space to sell their wares, vegetables, toiletries and all. It’s difficult to walk a few metres without rubbing shoulders with someone and you have to stand the sweaty armpits, cheap and expensive colognes all mixed together.



I used to be angry with these people, angry because they make my walk miserable. I just wanted them to leave the city centre and go and sell somewhere. Whenever I saw the city council officials going after them and taking their staff I would think of them as being responsible, they were taking a part in retaining the city’s cleanliness and sure those people should go somewhere. But where do they go and to whom should they sell to wherever they are to go? It then rang in my mind that it’s not the vendors’ fault that they are all over town, therefore we should not blame the vendor. Continue reading


I hear of depressing stories every day, stories of dumped babies, many children homeless, living in the streets, all because their mothers dumped them. Maybe it was because of poverty, maybe it was because the fathers had refused to take responsibility, or whatever the reason might have been, but many children are out there suffering. There are some things we take for granted in life, things that matter the most, but there’s nothing that beats having a loving mother who loves you unconditionally and sacrifices her all to prepare a bright future for you.


I am grateful that I have a loving mother, someone who’s sacrificed a lot for me, who has stood by me through thick and thin and who wants nothing but the best for me in my life. She’s been my pillar of strength and the one person I know will do all she can for me to have the best in life. Continue reading