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Adopting the ‘Combi-driver’ attitude as Women

As i thought about the challenges we face as women, the obstacles that obstruct us from moving on with life, the negativity we face, the deaf ear we sometimes get when we are expressing ourselves, the limits we get from the people that surround us and how at times loneliness makes us weak. I thought of the attitude of the combi-driver (commuter omnibus driver) and i thought it as the right attitude to adopt and apply  to our lives.determined

Most of the combi-drivers do not drive their own commuter omnibuses, they work for the owners of the omnibuses. They are given a target, a daily target which they should cash in at the end of the day. What the owner of the bus wants is his money, what the challenges the driver faces during the day is not the owners’ problem, it’s the combi-drivers’ problem. If he doesn’t reach the target, he risks a decrease in his salary.

Most of the drivers start business as early as 4am, and they start transporting, with sometimes getting to the destination with not enough passengers  but the important thing is they get something that contributes to the target. During the day, they face a number of challenges, sometimes they are fined by the police for different faults by the police, losing something like $20-$30 a day, which means they might not reach their target. They do not despair, they continue their trips and even take the risks of loading people at undesignated areas, with the risk of the city council impounding their buses with hefty fines on top.

Sometimes, the conductors do not turn up for work or they come up late, that does not stop the drivers from getting passengers, they go on without or they will find another when they get to town. At the end of the day, they cash in, sometimes not what was expected by the boss and some days are better than the rest.

As women, we should take ourselves as combi-drivers of our lives and have the attitude of the combi-drivers in our day to day lives. Let’s take the target that the combi-driver is given as our goals in life,  We should aim to reach our goals in life and not give ourselves limits. The combi-driver does not stop piloting if he reaches his target in the afternoon, instead, he keeps aiming for more. When we reach our goals, we shouldn’t relax, there’s always something better to do than what we have now, the sky is no longer the limit, we can go beyond. Continue reading