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Women, We Are Our Own Enemies


the hate mail sent to the Australian woman

Women fighting over men, women abusing maids, women demotivating each other, women doing this, women doing that. Oh my, why??? How can we achieve what we want to achieve when we can’t support each other in trivial matters? We can’t even be on each others’ side, how then will we be able to lead if it doesn’t start from the simplest things?

Sometime in December, a lady was stripped off her clothes by some touts at the rank, the video circulated, with some sympathizing with the lady and women groups came into action to see to it that the touts were punished. Unfortunately, some ladies were ululating, happy that their fellow woman was stripped off. I would hear comments like “Vachinyanya kuda kushamisira, ndivo vega vane nyama here?“. Really? What if it was your daughter, or sister who had gone through that, would it have been fair, would you have smiled. Instead of supporting the fellow woman, they added salt to the wound. They felt it was fair that she had been stripped off, yet her dress was fairly decent. A person is entitled to wear whatever she wants, as Tendai Garwe puts it, ‘My body, my politics!’ Continue reading


Gender discrimination begins at home, girls raised to be wives

BEING a woman in a male dominated society is not easy, but over the years, women have managed to pull through and achieve their goals and dreams despite the challenges of men and even other women looking down upon them. The have proved they can do it.
Being an independent woman is more difficult in this kind of society, as people warn you, you will not make it without a man and the moment you prove them wrong, you are labelled.

It’s even more difficult to be a feminist in the African society as you are seen as a destroyer and bad influence to the rest of the women. You are told that no matter how much you try, women can never be equal to men. Funny enough, the men give you a bit of hope, they give you a chance to try, with the warning though that you are bound to fail somehow but the women themselves demotivate you from the start. Continue reading