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Selfishness: The Reason behind our suffering

People killing each other, high unemployment rates, xenophobia, litter everywhere, public toilets a nightmare, high rates of divorce, murder, abduction and so forth. It got me thinking this morning, what has this world gotten to? The root cause of this all, I got to realize, is selfishness.selfish

If we were all satisfied with what we have and we weren’t greedy, thinking of the next person before doing anything, the world would have been great. Nepotism is everywhere, it’s not how qualified you are that earns you a job, it’s who you know. What then happens to the qualified accountant, journalist, doctor, who is the first graduate in the clan, with no other relative in the industry? He stays unemployed, with no other option than to sell second hand clothes that are meant for charity to earn a living. You can’t blame them, they need something for survival. Continue reading